Why Custom Embroidery is a Key Element to Company Identity

embroidery for your companyNo matter what kind of apparel you have, you want your logo or message to pop. Our professional and experienced embroidery specialists have what it takes to make your design stand out, literally. Embroidery gives your design the depth and bold texture it needs for eye-catching apparel and products.

Embroidery for Your Company

embroidery industrial finishes capThere are several benefits to choosing embroidery for you business, team or organization.

When your brand or message is embroidered onto apparel, you increase brand identity and awareness.

Embroidered names on uniforms help easily identify employees when running a restaurant, store or event. This is also the case if you are a member of a sports team or club. Embroidery makes your group look more official, easier to find one another and gives the group a better sense of identity.

The Latest in Embroidery Technology

To do the best job possible for you, we use some of the most sophisticated embroidery equipment available today. Whether you are looking for promotional products, work uniforms or other corporate apparel, we can guarantee that your embroidery project will be produced with only the highest quality workmanship.

The Process

Every custom design needs to be "digitized" in order for the embroidery machines to properly stitch your design. Once your logo or message has been digitized and you've chosen the products you want them embroidered on, the design is then programmed into our computerized machines.

Let us bring your design ideas to life. Our digitizers and designers are some of the best in the industry, and will take the time and care necessary to create an embroidered design you can be proud of. Send us your design to get started today.